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Ruig's production: where passion and craftsmanship come together!

Discover the various opportunities within Ruig’s production department. With us, there are several roles that are crucial to the smooth running of the production process. As a production worker, you are essential for the correct processing and preparation for shipment of customer orders. Here you are not only working behind machines, but fulfilling a broad role within the department. The work planner takes on an additional role by also taking on tasks such as weighing in incoming goods, handling the FIFO system and organizing production orders. In addition, they provide support at the production level after work preparation is completed. At Ruig, each role is vital to the smooth running of our production department.

The production department at Ruig is all about teamwork and versatility. As a production worker, you are the lynchpin of the processing process, while the work preparer handles additional and coordinating tasks. Every aspect of these roles contributes to the efficient functioning of our team. At Ruig, you will have the opportunity not only to contribute to the production process, but also to develop your skills and make a valuable contribution to the quality and precision we strive for.

Job satisfaction is an important aspect within our organization. Within the family business, everyone knows each other and there is a pleasant atmosphere.

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in production