at the locations

Driven by passion, fueled by craftsmanship

Within the 36 shop-in-shops in Sligro stores, our sales specialists work every day with a smile and a commitment to quality for our customers.

Our team is committed to advising and enthusing customers, with the mission of offering the most exquisite range of game and poultry.

In our shop-in-shops, every customer encounter becomes an opportunity to demonstrate our craftsmanship. We are more than salespeople; we are ambassadors of Ruig’s passion for high-quality products. With expertise and enthusiasm, we strive to surprise and inspire our customers to enjoy the best that game and poultry has to offer. At Ruig’s shop-in-shops, it’s all about sharing our love of quality, every day.
We have job openings across the country at the branches. Find out what vacancies are available in your area.

Working at the locations


at the locations